The Campout is organized and run 100% by Volunteers - And during the trip, there are a number of roles and tasks that need to be handled. We ask that every parent attending The Campout contribute to the effort by signing up for a volunteer task. Below is a list of the tasks that need to be handled - Please review and tell us which you'd be willing to help with when you register!

Also, we're always looking for fresh meat new parents to join the organizational team! If you love The Campout as much as we do, and would like to help more, please reach out to us! It's not a huge commitment (most of the organizational framework is already in place) and will make you look like a hero!

Volunteer Activities:

  • Dunkin Donuts Crew: Need a few parents on Saturday and Sunday morning to make the run to Dunkin Donuts in Campton. This is covered in camp fee – but we need a few early risers to make the delivery run each morning.
  • Canoe Launch Crew: We need 6 parents to go to the river and organize the launching of the Meadowbrook Flotilla. We’ll be putting ~40 boats on the water. Loud voice and strong backs are helpful for this job.
  • Lead River Boat: We need a seasoned Campout Vet to be the lead boat to make sure that we stop at our usual spot for lunch. In prior years some of the middle schoolers also missed the proper fork to take in the river – they still made it home but it would be nice to get them headed in the proper direction.
  • Hiking Leaders: We will need a leader for the hike, more details here
  • Bridge Jump Master and Floater: We need a veteran parent to oversee the launching of kids from the bridge into the river, and another parent in a kayak acting as a safety monitor near the entry point
  • Sweep Boats: We'd like to have two to three parents volunteer to be the "last" boat in case someone gets caught behind and needs help. Leg 1 is put in point to lunch spot; leg 2 is lunch to bridge; and leg 3 is bridge to pull out spot.
  • Canoe Ex-fil Crew: One of the most important jobs on the trip. The exit is a choke point on a muddy bank. Ideally we would like 3-5 parents to volunteer here – one of the more physically demanding jobs but it’s a little challenging for your average lower school student to pull a canoe out of the water and up a steep muddy incline…plus you are empowered to yell at kids (not just your own) and your peers as necessary to keep the process moving.
  • Friday and Saturday Dinner Set-Up Crews: We need 5-6 parents to do the set-up and clean up dinners for both nights. We feed the kids first, then clear the tables and set up for the dads. We need some parents to ride herd on the kids and get them to clean up after themselves...
  • Sunday Clean Up Crew: We need 5-8 parents to help us police up the camp site before we leave on Sunday. This is mostly putting the kids to work picking up juice box straw wrappers, bagging trash, putting fires out fully, etc. This is a great activity for parents with younger kids who can’t pick up canoes, etc. yet.
  • S’Mores / Campfire Crew: 90 kids + fire + flaming marsh mellows of death is definitely a potential weak link in our A+ safety rating. We need 4 adults to bring some order to the dessert drama and to police the fires on Saturday afternoon/evening. This is a really important role as not every Meadowbrook kid has experience around open fires! Even if you don’t sign up for this please do your part to help police the various fires around the campground.
  • Refreshments Policing: If parents bring along wine and beer, we'd like to have a few people ensure that there are no loose or half filed bottles lying around.
  • Grill Masters: Henry Fisher needs 6 people to help both nights with prepping food, cooking burgers, dogs, and other goodies for kids and parents. We need a few seasoned burger-flippers to help him on Saturday night.
  • Saturday and Sunday Morning Pancake Flipping Duty: Pretty self-explanatory!