Who’s invited?

Parent’s/Guardians and kids (boys and girls, brothers and sisters, and friends). This is mostly a Meadowbrook crowd, but siblings and friends are welcome. Just be sure to register everyone for an accurate head count for meals etc. The kids have a blast roaming the site, making s’mores and tent hopping.

Who’s too young to go?

If you can sit in a canoe for 3-4 hours, you can handle this trip. We've had plenty of JK's attend successfully.

“I can’t go, but my child really wants to go. What should I do”?

For a child to go without a parent, parent(s) need to find an adult who will take full responsibility for your child. This includes providing transportation to and from the event and most importantly, supervising the child’s safety during the canoe trip or hike, and at all times at the campsite. We require that parents of kids attending with another family complete a Medical Summary and Authority To Act in case of an emergency, which is included as an appendix. Several attending adults moonlight as doctors on the trip.

Is this a Meadowbrook School sanctioned event?

No. This trip is NOT sanctioned, logistically supported, overseen by or affiliated with The Meadowbrook School. This trip is just a bunch of parents and their kids voluntarily camping together. There is no affiliation in any way with the Meadowbrook School.

My kid has games on Saturday morning and Sunday afternoon. Can I come up just for the campout and dinner?

Sure! The canoe and hiking trips are definitely the highlight, but we’ve had several groups join just for the campout and s’mores-n-snores. Come up when you can, enjoy the campsite or find an easy local hike or mountain biking.

We’ve never been in a canoe or kayak. Can I handle this trip?

Yes. This is an easy float down a shallow, lazy river. Other than the legendary “Danoff Dunk of 2008,” we’ve had no material “incidents.” Life jackets and paddles are provided for all. The hiking trip is not strenuous either. As in the past, a large tent (not the one shown below!) will provide a dry gathering spot for all in the event there are a few raindrops. And the hiking trip is easy and on a well marked trail with great views.

We’ve never been camping, can I handle this?

Down South, this sport is called “Trash Bag Camping.” There are always several adults who moonlight as doctors in their day jobs who are available for emergencies. If you must make the dreaded “Drive of Doom”, you’re only 2.5 hours from your own bed. Your cell phone will work. There are plenty of helpful and experienced camper-parents in the crowd who can handle any questions and help. DO BRING WARM CLOTHES … we are at 2500 feet and it is a tad nippy at night! Also, be sure to bring a tarp for beneath your tent.

How much will this cost?

The cost is $50/camper for food, campground, and supplies/services. Canoe/kayak rentals are in addition to the campout costs ($45-55 per each boat rental) So, all in, expect about $200-$250 per family of 3.

    • Note (1): If the trip is cancelled b/c of severe weather, you may still be responsible for a small charge to cover the cost of the site and the perishables already purchased.
    • Note (2): Rain does NOT count as “severe weather.” Gore-Tex is a good idea.
    • Note (3): If cost is an issue, either call or email Sean Foley (617-510-8497 /sean.foley@jollyviking.com) and we will work something out. No family has ever missed the trip due to cost.

Libations & Beer

Adults participate in a bit of fellowship by the fire after dinner and into the evening. Single servings (cans and bottles) of beer have greased the stories. We ask that adults be responsible with securing their supplies, avoid glass bottles to mitigate broken glass risk, and put empties in recycling bags provided.

A Note on Food Allergies !!!!

We do not purchase nuts for the trip but when feeding 150+, we cannot vet the ingredients of all the foods we purchase, or families bring. If your child or adult has allergies, please (1) tell them to be careful at the food table; (2) inform us who has the allergy and what type it is. We will try to make sure no obvious allergens are out and about but we cannot guarantee that no allergens will be around. We ask that people leave obvious trigger foods at home, but if you must bring them, keep them in your car and away from food prep and serving site.