The Campout

A trip for families of the Meadowbrook community to celebrate the coming of summer, where kids enjoy the great outdoors and parents get to know each other. This is the 16th year of the Campout and its success and ethos is based on the following tenets :

  • A love of the outdoors
  • The willingness to "rough it" and make the best with what mother nature throws at us
  • Letting the kids be kids with the necessary freedom to spend unstructured time with their friends
  • Having real interactions between parents that may not know each other well (Thus we remove a spouse/partner as a social crutch)
  • A relaxed community parenting style, which is the backbone of the campout. No micromanaging of the kids!
  • Getting dirty…and tired (Your only shower comes if you decide to jump off the 20 foot bridge into the Pemi River on the canoe trip.)

Please read through this site (Including FAQ's and Volunteering) and then use the link below to register!

2019 Details:

  • For security, exact dates are only sent via email
  • Osceola Vista Campground - Waterville Valley, NH
  • No longer just for Dad's! (still just one parent per family)
  • Quick Links:



    • 3:00pm Campsite open
    • 6:30-8:00pm DINNER


    • 7:00-9:00am BREAKFAST
    • 10:00am River trip busses load
    • 10:30am Clarks and Hiking trips depart
    • 12:00pm LUNCH (Bring your own!)
    • 3:00pm Trips return to campsite
    • 5:30-7:30pm DINNER


    • 7:00-10:00am Clean up
    • Head home - See you next year!

Trip Details


While Saturday is the main activity day, about 1/2 of us drive up on Friday to schmooze, eat, and camp that night.

Head north when you can and either eat on the way or join us for dogs/burgers at 6:30pm. Get to the campsite before dark to make pitching your tent easier.


For Friday-night campers, we’ll have coffee, bagels, pancakes, juice, and donuts for breakfast. Mmmmmmmmmmmm !

At 10:00am folks will start getting ready to head off to their Saturday activity of choice. We formally organize the Pemigiwasset River Kayak/Canoe Trip (attended by a large majority of campers) but if that doesn't seem up your alley, you may also simply “hang out” around the campsite or check out a number of other options in the area

If you arrive Saturday AM and plan to pitch your tent prior to the trips, try to arrive at the campsite by 9AM.


After the canoe trip, we’ll head back to camp to enjoy the terrific views, tell tall tales, laze about the site, play kickball, and watch Fisher’s Fantastic Foodies set up/prepare a gourmet dinner. Always good for laughs … guaranteed freshest road kill in all NH!!

We’ll provide burgers (vegetarian available), dogs and mac-n-cheese for the kids. Adults get the leftovers, as well as steak tips, and swordfish!

After dinner, we’ll cook S’mores, watch the stars, play flashlight tag, keep the campfires stoked, tell taller tales, slap mosquitoes, and chill out ‘til bedtime.


Again, we provide a delicious and utterly non-nutritious mix of bagels, pancakes, juice, donuts, and more coffee. Then, its time to pack up your gear, load the SUVs, and depart…

But not until … WE ALL HELP CLEAN UP the campsite. The Campout has earned an excellent reputation for leaving our site in better shape then when we arrive because we clean up so well. KEEP THE STREAK ALIVE!